Ceiling Lights

Ceiling Lighting that Compliments Any Room

With such a massive range of ceiling lights available, how do you begin to choose the correct type of lighting for your living room, hallway, dining room or bedroom? How can you ensure that the lights you have chosen compliment your ceiling and your room?

Generally speaking, a ceiling light fixture is the main source of lighting in many rooms and should reflect your personality, whilst blending with the decor. Your choice of type and finish will be determined by many factors that already exist.

The first thing you need to consider is the type that will best suit. If you have a lower ceiling then a flush mount or semi flush mounted fitting may be best suited. Also consider foot traffic through a space. Will people passing through a room walk directly under the light fitting or will it be suspended over a table? Do you have someone 6ft 6in tall living with you? If your room has high ceilings, then a ceiling pendant could be considered.

If the main lighting bounces off the ceiling and into the room, then the choice of colour is important. Lighter colours will give a higher output than darker ones and pastel shades can give the light a lovely soft diffused hue that can give a relaxed homely feel.

Consider the amount of light the fitting will give. The more lamps there are or the higher the wattage, the more illumination it will give. As we get older, we generally need more good quality light to see by. This does not mean that they have to be brightly lit all of the time as you can fit a dimmer switch to allow you to change the levels to suit.

What style of room will the fitting be installed in? Is it traditional, contemporary, modern or completely individual? Here, there are no real rules; you can choose whatever you like the look of best. The watchword here has to be proportion. A very large ceiling fitting in a small room is not appropriate, likewise a very small fitting in a large room.

What type of finish suites your decor best? Are your switches and sockets finished in brass or chrome for example? There are a multitude of different finishes available today from the more traditional brass to black chrome and titanium giving you more choice than ever.

Choosing Ceiling Light Fixtures

Finally, remember that choosing the correct type of ceiling fixture is only half of the story, it’s also about you. Be inspired, be bold, express yourself and make it an exciting part of your home decor. A carefully chosen ceiling light can really transform your living room, hallway, dining room or bedroom into something rather special.

For more comprehensive information, please see our article entitled Choosing the Right Ceiling Light in our Blog section.

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