Garden Lamp Posts

A garden lamp post should be chosen and installed with care. Typically, they are positioned at a height of 2m or more and can illuminate quite a large area. Remember, garden lamp posts are versatile whilst being durable, functional and decorative at the same time.

Lamp Post Lighting

Positioning and proportion are critical and cannot be emphasised enough. Too large a post in a small space can overwhelm the area and look out of place. Similarly, small single head lamp posts in a large garden can look a little lost.

The first thing you need to decide is what the post light will be used for. Will it be used on a driveway, a patio area for entertainment, or for safety and security? It is important to decide on the function first as different functions require different lighting levels.

If it is being used for safety and security then it must be positioned to give the best light available in the protected area. Similarly, if it is being used for evening entertainment then a more diffused light is desirable. These factors must be considered carefully; as if you make a mistake then the only option may be to move it to another position.

The next thing to decide is what style is most suited to your environment and taste. A traditional style will be well suited to most properties, but a more modern style may be required for the more contemporary setting. Again, it is important that whatever you choose blends well with its surroundings.

Height plays an important role in the application. We supply a wide range of heights ranging from 1m to over 2.5m in height. As a general rule, taller garden posts are used singly to light outdoor living areas. Shorter posts are better suited to illuminating specific areas such as driveways or pathways where more than one may be used.

Available Finishes

All of our lamp posts are made from cast aluminium, stainless steel or even copper. All of these materials will give many years of excellent service. Some are provided with acrylic lantern glass, and others with glass panels. If you have young children and the post is to be installed in an area where ball games will be played, we would always recommend using acrylic panels.

Guide To Installing Your Lamp Post And Lighting

A lot of people worry about installation. Here I will try and give you a brief guide to best practice that will ensure that your installation remains vertical no matter what the weather.

Once you have decided on the location, you need to ensure that the wiring is in place. This should be brought from a consumer unit in the house or garage and we strongly recommend that armoured cable be used. The armoured cable should be laid in a trench at least 450mm deep and exit the ground directly beneath where your lamp post will be positioned. There is nothing to stop you doing the preparatory work as this will save money, but a qualified electrician should undertake the electrical connection.

Once the wiring is in place, you need to install a concrete raft for your garden lamp post to sit on. This needs to be substantial in order to stop any movement once installed. Dig a hole at least 500mm deep and at least twice the width of the posts base. Set a piece of plastic trunking in the centre and pull the cable up through it. This means that the cable can be repaired or replaced if it gets damaged in the future. Finally, the hole needs filling with a good strong wet concrete mix made perfectly level.

There are a couple of ways to fix your post light to the base. Some are supplied with a root mount kit that must be placed in the concrete whilst it is wet. The lamp post is then placed over the mount when the concrete is set and tightened down to the mount kit. Some people with make a template of the base out of plywood and use long threaded steel bars set into the concrete when it is poured. Once set, the lamp post is placed over the studs and tightened down. Finally, holes are drilled in the concrete base once it is set and expanding rawl bolts are used to fix the lamp post in place. All of these systems work well and will ensure that your garden lamp post doesn’t look like the leaning tower of Pisa this time next year.

Finally, a garden lamp post is not only functional but creates an added dimension to any outside space. We supply a variety of finishes, heights and styles to transform your garden.

For a complete guide to selecting and looking after your outdoor lighting, please follow the link.

If you require any further help or advice on garden lights or any other aspect of home lighting, please contact us for friendly, honest and down to earth advice.


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