Tiffany Lamps

Tiffany Lighting

Tiffany style lamps are probably one of the most instantly recognisable types of lighting available today. There aren’t many styles that have stood the test of time like Tiffany lights. Throughout the years we have seen many styles come and go in waves of fashion, yet they remain one of the most popular styles available today.

Every design we offer is hand made and created from pieces of stained glass that are put together to create the finished piece. The process of making the shade is complex and involves many hours of work. The maker still uses the traditional methods in the same way as when they were first created.

Each style has to be designed and the colour and position of each piece of glass has to be chosen. Each piece of glass is then numbered and a pattern created. Once the glass pieces are cut, each edge is copper foiled and then each piece is hand soldered to create the complete Tiffany design.

These designs are timeless and extremely versatile. They look just as stunning in the traditional home as they do in modern surroundings. They can create splendour in a country style themed home and in city dwellings alike. They can be put in almost any room of the home, from hallways to kitchen, to lounges and dining areas. No other range and style of light fitting is as versatile and as stunning as Tiffany.

Some people are confused as to which style they should choose. Will the myriad of colours in the lamp look right in their home? Will the colours be too loud? Will they clash with other colours in the room? This is seldom the case due to the nature of the art glass used, as it will absorb the colours already in your room and accentuate these, complementing the colours you already have and reflecting them back to create a spectacular unison, completing your room in a way you never thought possible.

The light created through the Tiffany shade is captivating; it seems to create a magical atmosphere of warmth peace and illusion. A Tiffany lamp creates a feature that no other type of lighting can create. No matter how long you own a Tiffany lamp, it will remain as captivating and inviting as the day you first set eyes on it. They can create a homely feel so every home should enjoy the beauty of Tiffany.

Choosing Tiffany lamps can be an pleasurable pastime, similar to that of buying a piece of furniture, as your Tiffany light will remain in your family for many, many years to come.

If you require any further help or advice on any of our Tiffany lamps range, or any other aspect of home lighting, please contact us for friendly, honest and down to earth advice.