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Tiffany Lamps

From geometric patterns to floral motifs, our Tiffany Lamps range offers diverse and versatile options. You’ll find the iconic Dragonfly, Butterfly and even a spiders web. Our Art Nouveau and Art Deco style Tiffany lights effortlessly enhance any space. We stock a comprehensive range of Tiffany style ceiling and wall lights, table lamps and floor lamps. Browse our comprehensive collection and see if you can find the perfect Tiffany style lamps for your home.


Tiffany Style Lighting

Tiffany lamps are an iconic lighting style that stands the test of time. With their handcrafted stained glass pieces assembled using copper foil, these lamps exude a timeless charm. Our collection of Tiffany style lighting designs embraces the traditional techniques originated by Louis Comfort Tiffany in 1893. There’s something for every room in your home, including the hallway, kitchens, lounge, and dining room. The versatility and stunning beauty of Tiffany lighting is unmatched by any other style. Why not take a look at our Ultimate Tiffany Lamp Buying Guide for comprehensive information.

The glass used in Tiffany lamps absorbs and reflects the colours present in your room, creating a spectacular harmony that complements your existing decor. The beautiful light emitted through the art glass evokes a warm and enchanting atmosphere. Owning a Tiffany style lights is an enduring experience, as its allure remains as captivating and inviting as the day you first encountered it. The homely ambiance created by Tiffany lighting is something every home should embrace. Choosing a Tiffany lamp is akin to selecting a precious piece of furniture, as it has become a cherished part of your family for generations.