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Lamp Shades

Selecting the right lamp shade can transform any room without any disruption. Instantly change the look of a dull ceiling light, table lamp or wall light without fuss or spending a lot of money. We stock a wide range of lamp shades to suit every kind of lighting, including shades for ceiling pendants, chandeliers, floor and table lamps and many more. Choose the right one for you and it could be with you sooner than you think.


Lamp Shades to Transform Any Room

We at Universal Lighting are delighted to offer a wide range of lamp shades to transform any room in your home. We have a wide range of designs to choose from whether you are looking for a grand affair for your standard lamp or a multitude of small shades to grace your chandelier. Every style you could think of is available including luxury silk, vintage, traditional  or sleek and minimalist.

Browse through our extensive online catalogue, see what shade your fancy and it could be transforming the look of your room sooner than you think. If you require any help on selecting your lamp shade, please telephone 0151-650-2138 to speak to our specialists directly. Alternatively, you can send us a message using the contact us form for friendly, honest and down to earth information.