Cream Wall Lights

Using cream wall lights to illuminate the walls of your home is a perfect solution not only when your décor is neutral and you want your fittings to blend into the background, but also works to dramatic affect when cream lighting is teamed up with strong dark and bold colours to make your light choices stand out and become a statement in themselves. Whatever your reasoning for choosing cream for the colour of your wall fitted lights you will be sure to find just the right style for your décor from our great range here whether you are looking for a contemporary or more traditional style.

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David Hunt Bailey Double Wall Light Antique Cream Traditional
£198.00 £165.13
David Hunt Cabana Double Wall Light Cream & Gold
£156.00 £130.10
David Hunt Cabana Single Wall Light Cream & Gold
£108.00 £90.07
Franklite Desire 1 Light Cream Strung Half Round Wall Light
£107.76 £86.21
Almandite Switched Cream / Gold Twin Wall Light With Crystal
£94.80 £66.36
Dar Zaragoza Modern Cream Half Round Drum Wall Light
£64.20 £48.15
Rated 5.00 out of 5
David Hunt Ascott Modern Wall Washer Light Beige Fabric Shade
£97.80 £81.57
David Hunt Bermuda 2 Lamp Wall Light Cream And Gold UK Made
£138.00 £115.09
David Hunt Emile Rustic French Twin Wall Light Antique Cream
£180.00 £150.12
David Hunt Flemish Cream Twin Cream Shades Wall Light
£198.00 £165.13
David Hunt Oak Branch Traditional Cream Wall Light UK Made
£108.00 £90.07
David Hunt Ormolu Traditional Cream Twin Wall Light UK Made
£186.00 £155.12
David Hunt Ormolu Traditional Cream Wall Light UK Made
£126.00 £105.08
David Hunt Verona Distressed French Cream Double Wall Light
£204.00 £170.14
Elstead Balance White / Polished Nickel Single Wall Light White Shade
£117.00 £93.60
Feiss Hartsville 1 Light Wall Lamp Chalk Washed Farmhouse Style
£51.00 £40.80
Fern Small Cream And Gold Switched Carriage Wall Lamp
£61.80 £46.35
Franklite Philly Cream Italian Ironwork Twin Wall Light
£105.36 £84.29
Impex Bologna Traditional 2 Lamp Flemish Wall Light In Cream
£87.60 £70.08
Impex Sylvie Traditional 1 Lamp Scrolled Iron Wall Light Cream
£82.80 £66.24
Laughton Country Cream Switched Retro Industrial Wall Light
£66.00 £46.20
Lullaby Country Cream And Gold Floral Twin Wall Light
£78.00 £54.60
Elstead Minster 1 Arm Rustic Single Wall Light Ivory & Gold
£60.00 £48.00
Elstead Minster 2 Arm Rustic Twin Wall Light Ivory & Gold
£87.00 £69.60
Modern Curved 2 Lamp Wall Washer Light Cream Pleat Shade
£66.00 £46.20
Olivia Ivory And Gold Ironwork 1 Lamp Wall Light UK Made
£69.00 £55.20
Olivia Ivory And Gold Ironwork 2 Lamp Wall Light UK Made
£99.00 £79.20
Ribbon Tall Feature Ivory And Gold Wall Washer Light
£222.00 £177.60
Tuscany Cream And Gold 2 Light Switched Wall Lamp
£52.80 £39.60
Rated 5.00 out of 5
Tuscany Cream And Gold Single Switched Wall Lamp
£34.20 £25.65
Rated 5.00 out of 5