Period Lighting

Reproduction Period & Vintage Lights

If you own a period property, then our reproduction lighting selection is for you. A period property does not need to be grand to benefit from one of our lovely period lights. Here you will find something suitable for every period property from a Victorian terraced house to a grand Edwardian mansion or country inn.

All of the products featured here are hand crafted and hand finished to order in the UK. Each fitting is a faithful reproduction of the original piece.

They are constructed from solid brass, or brass and copper and will last a lifetime with minimal protection. In addition, some of the glass used is handmade or mouth blown, please check the description or contact us for the type of glass used. As a result, every one is unique in its own right.

Available Finishes

Polished Brass: The fitting is highly polished and the surface is then protected with lacquer. This finish only requires a quick wipe over with a damp cloth to maintain its appearance. This finish is suitable for indoor use only.

Polished Un-lacquered Brass: Manufactured in highly polished raw brass that will slowly tarnish, yet the colour of the brass will mellow and look better with age. If you so wish it can be polished with a proprietary brass cleaner to bring back the polished look. This finish is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Light Antique: Your solid brass or copper fitting is thoroughly degreased and soaked in a chemical solution that ages the metal. It is then thoroughly cleaned again to reveal the finish. This finish will soften and mellow with age. This finish is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Antique: To achieve this finish, the same process is used as in the light antique, but the light fitting is left in the chemical solution for longer. The final result is a faithful reproduction light fitting that looks as if it has tarnished for many years. This finish is suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

Bronze: To achieve a bronze finish, the fitting is chemically treated and lacquered. This finish only requires a quick wipe over with a damp cloth to maintain its appearance. This finish is suitable for indoor use only.

Nickel: Your solid brass or copper fitting is degreased and deep cleaned. It is then electrically charged and dipped in a nickel solution. The electrical charge causes the nickel to bond with the surface creating a hard wearing nickel plate. It is then polished and either lacquered or left in its finished state. We do not recommend lacquered light fittings for outdoor use.

Nickel finish period light fittings are particularly attractive and closely resemble antique silver. The un-lacquered nickel finish can easily be polished using a proprietary cleaner and are suitable for use outdoors.

If you have any special requirements or you have any questions about any of reproduction antique lighting range, please use the contact us form or telephone 0151 650 2138 for friendly knowledgeable advice.