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LED Lighting

Whether you want the latest modern LED lighting, a traditional light fitted with LED lamps, trying to save money or helping to reduce emissions, LED lights are a great choice. Ultra low energy LED is extremely efficient and will pay for itself over time. It is the future and is here to stay unless something even more efficient can be found. Available in all styles from modern to rustic and traditional homes, there’s an LED lighting option available for you.


Lighting Your Home With LED Lights

The latest and most efficient way of lighting your home is with LED lights. It’s a cost effective and efficient way to efficiently light your home. Whether you want the latest modern fitting or a traditional light fitted with our LED bulbs, there’s something suitable for you. We stock a huge range of LED lights suitable for every room in your home, including ceiling lights, LED wall and picture lights and floor and table lamps.

Dimming LED lights

Never attempt to dim non-dimmable LED lights as they cannot be dimmed. Should you fit a dimmer to non-dimmable LED’s then damage to the dimmer, lamps or both will occur. Mains voltage dimmable LED lights can be dimmed using an ordinary resistive dimmer. For more information about dimming LED lights and dimmers in general, please follow this link to view our article entitled choosing the correct domestic dimmer switch.

Universal Lighting have been supplying LED’s for homes and offices for over fifteen-years and have gained lots of knowledge and experience. If you require any help on selecting your LED lighting or light fitting, please telephone 0151-650-2138 to speak to our specialists directly. Alternatively, you can send us a message using the contact us form for friendly, honest and down to earth information.