Kitchen Lights

Kitchen Lighting Ideas

Kitchens have changed a lot during the recent past. It is no longer a place to just prepare food and then pass it through the hatch or take it into the dining room where everyone sits to eat. The kitchen has evolved into the centre of the family home. Those lucky enough to have a big enough kitchen will use it as a dining area, study area and family room. Those of us who do not have that space aspire to have it.

So, what type of kitchen lighting do you need? It’s not as simple as that due to the fact that each kitchen is individual and needs to be looked at separately. Here are some general guidelines that can help you make an informed choice.

The ceiling is the place where most of us will place our main light source. The type and style may be determined by the physical size of the kitchen and the ceiling height. This can be a spotlight bar or stylish modern kitchen fluorescent light. You may choose recessed down lights throughout or ceiling pendants. Whatever you decide, it is important to remember that whenever possible, this should not be the only source of light in the kitchen.

The main kitchen work areas require special consideration. In most kitchens, the majority of work is carried out on the worktop, around the sink and in the cooker areas. These are the areas that require special attention to ensure that you are not working in shadows. Ideally, task lighting should be installed in these work areas. This simply illuminates the area where the task is taking place. In this example, that would be food preparation, cooking and washing the dishes.

Under cabinet lighting is perfect for lighting up a kitchen work surface. This can take many forms from hidden fluorescent strip lights, to more decorative glass and stainless steel under cabinet light kits. There are many variations for you to choose from including white and coloured LED variations. When choosing under cabinet lighting, it is important to remember that it must be bright enough to illuminate the area you need and look good too.

If there are no cabinets directly above the worktop area you could consider recessed down lights or hanging pendant lights fitted directly above the work area.

If you have a cooker hood or extractor above the stove, then chances are that it will have inbuilt lights of some sort. If not, then a recessed down light placed directly above the centre of the cooker will do the job just fine. Although there are no IP regulations covering the kitchen, I would recommend using a suitably IP rated fitting above the stove due to the amount of steam that could be created.

If you have a kitchen dining area, there is no better way to add style than by choosing a ceiling pendant or group of pendants placed directly above the table. This not only looks stylish, but also distinguishes the area as a separate part of the room.

Finally, be bold, be inspired, be creative, mix and match lighting types and have them switched separately so you can create the mood you need for a particular activity and you will have a kitchen that you love to work and relax in.

If you require any further help or advice on lights for your kitchen, please contact us for friendly, honest and down to earth advice.