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Kitchen Lights

Ensuring that your kitchen lighting is adequate is really quite simple and it’s important to get it right. We offer a range of lights for your kitchen ceiling, including fluorescent style lighting, pendants and rise and fall lights. Our under cabinet, and under cupboard lights ensure that your worktop is well lit too. All available to buy with our 100% guarantee and FREE delivery on orders of £75 and over.


Lighting for The Kitchen

Lighting for the kitchen is all about layering light to suit your activity. A good start is the main ceiling light for ambient lighting. This could include one of our fluorescent style kitchen lights, a flush light or even a large industrial style fitting if your kitchen is big enough. Accent lighting would include hanging a pendant light over a breakfast bar or dining table. This targets the light and ensures that the dining area is well lit.

The worktop is an important workspace. This area needs to be well lit, so you can see properly whilst wielding a sharp knife and cutting onions or tomatoes and not your finger. Our under cupboard lighting range has you covered. They are able to provide continuous light over the full length of your worktop and makes for a safer, more enjoyable environment.

Whatever type of kitchen lights you are looking for, we’ve got it covered. With all kinds of styles and finishes, there’s sure to be something suitable for lighting your kitchen. If you require any further information or advice on selecting lights for your kitchen, please telephone 0151-650-2138 to speak to a lighting specialist directly. Alternatively, you can send us a message using the contact us form for friendly, honest and down to earth information.