Hand Made British Lighting

Hand Crafted Lights Made In Britain

The majority of light fittings in this section are hand-crafted or hand-finished to order and made in Britain. In some cases there is the flexibility to change certain aspects of the design such as the height, cable type and length or finish. Each fitting is made to order, so please allow 2 – 3 weeks delivery.

Some of the products found here are made from cast resin. These are hand-made from moulds and hand-finished by airbrushing, painting and lacquering to obtain the desired result.

Many of the wrought iron light fittings are hand-forged by members of the Guild of Master Craftsmen from iron in traditional designs and finished for you to suit your interior decor. These are available in ten colour finishes so there is bound to be something to suit almost everyone. For those who need something different, many of the wrought iron range can be finished in a bespoke colour of your choosing or of a size that meets your specific requirements.

All of the products in this category are handmade in Britain by skilled craftspeople capable of cutting, blowing, bevelling, brilliant cutting, bending and fusing glass. All metalwork is hand manufactured and used to join large and small pieces of glass together by brazing, soldering, and welding. Each handmade light fitting is slightly different making it absolutely unique.

All of the glass featured in these hand made lights is either hand blown, hand shaped or hand fused using specialist kiln techniques. All of the Tiffany lights feature handmade glass panels joined together with hand soldered copper strips.

Handmade lighting is expensive isn’t it? We don’t think so. We believe that our comprehensive range represents excellent value for money.

When you consider the sparkling brilliance of the fused and frit glass range and the fact that no two pieces are identical, they are a great choice. Each piece of fused and frit glass is made by combining two different types of glass together and joining them together in a high temperature kiln so they become one. The glass is then hand shaped according to its use. The effect can be dramatic causing a dazzling lighting effect when the fitting is illuminated.

Each glass globe is hand blown and many are etched or brilliant cut by hand creating a spectacular sparkle when lit. The cast glass range is all hand cast, hand finished and hand polished.

Look at the detail in the Victorian, souk and pumpkin lanterns and you can see the amount of work that has gone into making these stunning lanterns.

Here you will find something to suit every taste and decor from reproduction, through to traditional, modern and contemporary. Some of the more unique lights would make an excellent gift for someone providing many years of pleasure and service.

If you have any questions about our handmade lights, lamps & lanterns or require any technical information, please telephone 0151-650-2138 or contact us and we will be very happy to assist you.