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Tiffany Shades

All of our easy fit Tiffany shades are for use with ceiling lights and handmade in the traditional manner. They are available in a variety of colourful designs, including butterfly and floral motifs. These Tiffany light shades take minutes to fit and do not require any electrical work. The smaller shades are well suited to hallways, landings, bedrooms and indoor porches, whilst the larger lamp shades can be used in any room in your house, adding a touch of Tiffany glamour. In stock and available to buy online today.

Tiffany Light Shades

Every one of out Tiffany light shades is created using copper foiled glass pieces that are soldered by hand to produce these colourful designs. A Tiffany style lamp shade can transform any room in minutes and can be fitted by anyone without any electrical knowledge as the lamp shades in this section are designed to fit easily onto a single ceiling pendant fitting.

It’s not only the colour and decoration that tells you that these are Tiffany styled lamp shades, the shape of the shade is also synonymous with the name.  Many of these lamp shades have a decorated edge, depicting the design such as leaves and petals or even wings as in the dragonfly designs.

Now you can create a rich warm ambient glow whenever and wherever you like and with such a statement piece hanging from your pendant light fitting it is sure to become a talking point.  From flowers to butterflies and even an Aztec inspired design these Tiffany light shades are bound to turn heads and set off any room perfectly.