Chandeliers Lighting

Chandeliers are a group of fittings that can be hung from a chain or fitted closer to the ceiling, but must have more than one lamp bulb. Sometimes known as a multi-arm chandelier, they range from the smallest to the very grand.

They have been around since medieval times when they were made of iron by a blacksmith and adorned with candles to give light. They were very dangerous and were often the source of burning down buildings. Large and heavy, they were held in place by a rope pulley system so that the fiiting could be lowered to replace the candles. The high cost of manufacture made the first chandeliers a real status piece as only the wealthy could afford them.

Thanfully a chandeliers are now available in many shapes, sizes, and finishes. Some have a single tier or multiple tiers of lamps. Some people love the look of chandeliers, but think that they are too fancy or that their rooms are simply not large enough. It’s tru that large elaborate chandeliers are expensive and best suited to large period properties, it is also a desirable feature in many residential houses and in smaller rooms. There are many chandelier styles that are affordable, classically simple and of an appropriate size for your space.

Chandeliers add charm and distinction to any room. The ever-expanding choice of styles, finishes and designs ensures that there is something suitable for your home.

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