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  • Outdoor motion sensor lights, is a PIR or microwave sensor better?

    Outdoor lights controlled by a motion sensor is a great way to make your home more secure and energy efficient. Motion sensor lights are commonly used around driveways, walkways, gates, porches and other entrances to provide illumination for visitors or passers by at night.

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  • Inspiring Bedroom Lighting Ideas: Key Things To Consider

    Bedroom lighting is not just about functionality, it’s an art that combines aesthetics and purpose to create ambience and atmosphere. Whether it’s soft ambient lights, task lighting for reading, or decorative lamps, the right lighting can transform a bedroom.

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  • Understanding IP Rating for Bathroom Lights: A Comprehensive Guide

    The IP rating for bathroom lights indicates how well a light fixture is protected against water and dust. 'IP' stands for 'Ingress Protection,' and the accompanying numbers specify the level of protection against solid objects and liquids. In a bathroom setting, an IP rating helps you choose lights that are both safe and functional, depending on their placement in different zones of the bathroom.

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  • How to light a low ceiling room

    There’s no reason to feel confused or worried about how you are going to illuminate your modern home or any room with low ceilings. This expert lighting guide shows you how to light a low ceiling room and transform it into a bright, airy and attractive space on budget.

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  • Art Deco Lighting History

    Art Deco roots can be traced back to La Societe des Artistes Decorateurs (society of decorator artists) in Paris. They were founded in 1901 to encourage higher design and production standards.

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  • Chandeliers Guide

    This chandeliers guide is for anyone who is considering buying a chandelier or just looking for more information. It will take you through a brief history of their development to the different styles available. It includes tips on how large it should be and how low it should hang. If you are looking to buy a chandelier in the near future, it could be the best 15-minutes you spend today. You may learn something new or have your questions answered.

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  • Lighting and Net Zero

    Achieving net zero means cutting greenhouse gas emissions to as close to zero as possible, with any remaining emissions re-absorbed from the atmosphere through the natural process via oceans and forests for example.

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  • Room Lighting Ideas

    This home lighting design guide, including “room lighting ideas”, sets out considerations and tips on what to look for and the benefits of different lighting types. I can’t give specific advice without visiting the room or home in question.

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  • Fantasia Ceiling Fan Buying & Selection Guide

    Fantasia are a British company and have pioneered the UK ceiling fans market since 1985. They have built a reputation for exceptional quality, value for money and an unrivalled 10-year guarantee. Here at Universal Lighting Services, we stock and supply the complete Fantasia range of ceiling and desk fans and are able to supply spare parts, accessories and technical advice. So, are they suitable for every room?

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  • What are Lumens and do they matter?

    Lumens are a unit of light that is becoming more widely used in describing the output of LED light fittings. They are not something new and Lumens and Lux have been used for some time within the lighting industry to ensure that levels of illumination were sufficient in the workplace.

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