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Table Lamps

Table lamps have the ability to give your room warmth by providing pools of light, either for effect or for performing tasks such as reading. A beautiful table lamp is not just a secondary lighting source, it can also be an accessory in any stylish room. Lamps placed in pairs on either side of a bed, fireplace or alcove can look particularly stunning, whilst creating balance and depth. Bedside table lamps are usually smaller in size than other types but they should also be considered for use in hallways and smaller rooms.


Table Lamp Considerations

As always, size and proportion are important considerations when choosing your table lamp. It should be the correct height so that the middle of the shade is at or near to eye level to avoid glare from the bare bulb when viewed. This is easy to check before you make your choice by sitting close to where it will be placed and measuring the height to your eye level. Our ceramic, glass and crystal table lamps tend to be larger and of the correct proportion for most living rooms.

Desk and banker lamps are not just attractive and decorative but also excellent for performing tasks or for reading. They have the added advantage of directing the light downwards creating a very soft glow in the surrounding area. They are a great choice for the home office or for undertaking tasks such as sewing, knitting or model making.

Use an adjustable, directional desk lamp at your computer workstation to illuminate the keyboard and the area directly in front of you. This will eliminate shadows created by the monitor, making it far easier to read any documents and help you avoid eyestrain. Touch lamps are convenient and a beautiful bedside lamp is the finishing touch to a bedroom.