Wall Lights

Wall Mounted Lighting

Wall lights can be the main source of lighting in some modern homes, due to the fact that houses now have very low ceilings. They can also be used to light up a gloomy corner in any room or highlight a feature such as a chimneybreast. In the more traditional home, they offer a secondary source of subtle light to complement the main lighting in a room.

So, what are wall lights and why should I have them? As silly as it may sound, they are just lights that are wall mounted. They come in many different styles, shapes and finishes, with each type giving a different effect. Many are functional too such as wall mounted reading or swing arm designs.

The correct positioning is very important. Take into consideration that once fitted they are likely to remain in the same place for many years to come. It is always best to fit them around features that are unlikely to change, for example, either side of a fireplace or chimneybreast. This will avoid having to move them if the room layout changes. They should be positioned at such a height so as not to cause glare to the user. This would normally mean positioning them at about eye level when standing.

Traditional Wall Lights

Traditional wall lights are exactly what you would expect to see. Normally they consist of a wall bracket with either one or two arms projecting from it. There would normally be either an upward or downward facing lamp either with or without a shade. They are available in many finishes including polished brass, antique brass, pewter, black chrome and wrought iron.

Modern Wall Lights

Contemporary and modern wall lights are a little harder to categorize. Generally they are more minimalist and feature the use of chrome, pewter, stainless steel and glass in many of the designs.

Wall washers

Wall washers are designed to wash the wall with light. Most will provide directional light to some degree. Traditional plaster wall washers generally wash the wall above with light and project very little directly into the room. A glass wall washer will generally wash the surrounding wall area with light whilst projecting a small amount directly into the room.

Swing arm wall lights

Swing arm wall lights perform a dual function as they can also be used as a task or reading light. They can be swung out from the wall over a table or chair to illuminate the area beneath.

Switched Wall Lights

It is much more cost effective and far less messy to install switched wall lights where none exist. This is due to the fact that it is often a simple task to pick up a live feed from either under the floor or within the ceiling space. Only one cable would need to be channelled into the wall causing minimal disruption. Un-switched wall lights require a separate wall switch to operate them. This involves much more initial installation and causes considerably more disruption to the room. If you are in any doubt as to which option is best for you, please consult a qualified electrician.

Finally, if you have any questions about any aspect of home lighting, please contact us and we will be more than happy to offer friendly honest advice.