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Wall Lights

Wall lights are an important part of your overall lighting scheme. A well chosen wall light can light up a gloomy corner or highlight a feature such as a chimney breast. They offer a secondary source of subtle light to complement the main lighting in a room. Wall lighting can even be used as the main source of light in modern homes with low ceilings. We stock a huge range of wall lights in all styles and budgets for you to buy online with our 100% customer service guarantee and FREE delivery on orders of £75 and over.


Wall Lighting

Fittings for wall lighting are simply wall mounted, that’s all there is to it. Available in a multitude of styles, shapes and finishes and perform different functions. Many are functional too, such as wall mounted reading lights, swing arm wall lights and wall washer lights. Choose a switched wall light if you have no wall switch already in place, or even a plug in wall light to avoid the mess that adding wiring brings.

Correct positioning of your wall lighting is very important. Take into consideration that once fitted, they are likely to remain in the same place for many years to come. It is always best to fit them around features that are unlikely to change, for example, either side of a fireplace or chimney breast. This will avoid having to move them if the room layout changes. They should be positioned at such a height so as not to cause glare to the user. This would normally mean positioning your wall lights at about eye level when standing.

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