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Art Deco Lighting History

Art Deco roots can be traced back to La Societe des Artistes Decorateurs (society of decorator artists) in Paris. They were founded in 1901 to encourage higher design and production standards.

By 1908 the Art Deco (decorative art) style had begun to take hold. Stylish Art Deco lighting and lamps spread throughout Europe and into the USA from around 1918. Early designs relied upon geometric angular shapes, with chrome and glass featuring heavily. Bold black and white contrasts were often used to create a dramatic effect. Many Art Deco lamps used glass adorned with nature motifs such as shells, flowers and sunrises. By 1920 Art Deco influences were everywhere and this included electric lighting.

Art Deco Lighting is known for its elegant streamlined designs and came to the world’s notice in the mid 1920’s during the 1925 International Exhibition of Modern Decorative and Industrial Arts held in Paris. It was seen as the natural successor to and a reaction against the Art Nouveau movement which was starting to fade in popularity following the end of the Great War.

As the electricity network expanded, so did the demand for electric lights. Europe had been through a long war and electric lights now became more widely available. The roaring 1920s was a time of boom and prosperity that saw a rise in the middle classes who flocked to buy the latest Art Deco designs. The sleek, symmetrical streamlined designs of Art Deco and its attention to balance was inspired by developments in technology at the time, with an emphasis on vertical lines, zig-zag patterns and linear shapes.

Art Deco Influences

Athena Art Deco cinema

The Athena Cinema in Leicester is an excellent example of Art Deco architecture. Buildings like this required furnishings and electric lighting in keeping with the then modern looks and geometric style. This inspired associated home furnishings and décor and of course decorative electric lighting.

This was a major move away from the Art Nouveau style which was heavily infuenced by cubism (a revolutionary artistic style made popular by artists such as Pablo Picasso) within the designs, giving a more geometric character. Some of the imagery based on plant forms, and the meandering curves of its predecessor remained in many of the Art Deco designs.

In Britain, the designs of ceramic artist Clarice Cliff exemplified the Art Deco style taking influences and inspiration from ancient Egyptian and Aztec art whilst also drawing on the modern architecture and design that Bauhaus, the German school of art, brought us.

In 1922, Howard Carter discovered the tomb of Tutankhamun and the contents were widely publicised and put on display. The splendour and grandeur of the find gripped the imagination of the public and designers alike. They complemented the bold shapes and forms and before long, pyramids, sphinxes and Egyptian inspired motifs were to be found in many 1920’s Art Deco Homes.

Early Hollywood had a major influence in bringing the glamour of Art Deco to the people. The new world of moving pictures brought images of ladies wearing shiny elegant fabrics, subdued styles and elaborate decorative mirrors. Josephine Baker was the quintessential flapper and the inspiration for the popular Art Deco Lady and Flapper Table Lamps which is still popular to this day.

By 1930, mass production techniques enabled Art Deco designs to be produced cheaply. Whereas the preceding Art Nouveau period had been the privy of the rich, the 1920s Art Deco style was available to everyone. The evolution and development in materials, such as aluminium, stainless steel, glass, plastic and Bakelite meant that Art Deco could embody the bold and exciting spirit of the early 20th century.

The great depression of the 1930s and the start of World War 2 saw the end of what was possibly the most stylish period in history. Art Deco lasted for only 20 years or so, or did it?

Art Deco Ceiling Lights

The result of adorning your ceiling with a light fitting in an Art Deco style is a room with a classic and elegant feel that will transport you back to a bygone era of grandeur and elegance. Probably not for the faint hearted interior designer but he who dares always wins.

Nothing sets a room off as glamorously as stylish Art Deco ceiling lights. Hailing from the stylish 1920s, they typically feature glass and polished chrome with stunning geometric designs. An Art Deco ceiling light is a bold, brave and timeless style to enhance your home.

They can be recognised by looking for a number of clues such as simple geometric angular or hard-edged shapes, symmetry and clean lines. Even the most complex ceiling lamps will contain some or all of these features.

The Art Deco era flourished in the UK between the first and second world wars, with more and more homes showing off their stylish Art Deco ceiling lights. It was without doubt one of the most influential design styles of all time. To this day, they remain popular with people who own typical 1920s houses and those with more modern houses looking for a contemporary design.

Very large handmade New York 8 light tiered chandelier on white background
We supply a large selection of Art Deco ceiling lights, including the large handmade New York 8 light tired chandelier you see here. Handmade in Britain, this chandelier is 1.2m tall and expensive.

Our comprehensive selection of Art Deco ceiling lights all feature designs suitable for any 1920s themed home. It includes chandeliers, pendants and flush mounted lamps that are suitable for rooms with a low ceiling.

Every light in this category is suitable for the period home and modern settings alike where a spectacular look is desirable. This makes the job of identifying and choosing a suitable Art Deco style pendant, chandelier or other fitting to complement your décor easier.

Art Deco Table Lamps

Art Deco lamps became very popular following Paris International Exposition in 1925, which showed off the new designs that included the Greco-Roman ideals including proportion and balance. They feature statues and depictions of Egyptian style silhouettes and relied on texture, finish and colour to create contrast.

Whether your entire room is decorated in an Art Deco style or you are looking for just one statement piece, one of our Art Deco table lamps will fit perfectly. Bold designs, rich colours and lavish appearance makes these table lamps desirable in many interior styles, especially modern or period setting. They bring function, geometric forms and a part of history into your home, adding glamour and a sumptuous feel to your lighting.

Art deco lady table lamp in polished chrome with reeded glass globe shade
Our stylish Art Deco table lamps make a perfect statement piece for a table, sideboard, dresser or mantle in any room. Whether you prefer a Tiffany design or an exotic Art Deco lady statuette table lamp like the one shown, we have a diverse range for you to choose from.

Any room would benefit from the addition of a lovely lady lamp or statue on a desk or table and will look stunning at eye level. They provide glamour and style whilst adding a functional element which provides an underrated brilliance to any space.

An Art Deco table lamp using clear, frosted, or coloured glass is an excellent addition when sited next to your favourite chair or couch. They bring function, style and a part of history into your home.

Art Deco Wall Lights

As with our other Art Deco light fittings, these wall lights make a fantastic addition to any room in your home. If you select one of our range of Art Deco fixtures for the ceiling you can choose matching fixtures for the walls to set the theme of your room off to stunning effect.

Arguably one of the best places for an Art Deco inspired light is a wall, after all it places the fittings at eye level so it is one of the first things you’ll see when entering a room.  A wall is also the perfect place to show off this flamboyant style as they tend to be a piece of art in their own right.

Obviously, it is not practical for many people to have an original lamp but you’ve no need to worry, we have a wide selection of Art Deco wall lights for you to choose from.  And the best bit? They are all brand new, so you don’t need to worry about tired or faulty wiring or worn out fixings.

Gatsby large art deco style wall light in chrome with reeded glass on lounge wall
Whether you are looking for an understated style or wanting an elaborate Tiffany style stained glass affair we’ve got plenty to tempt you with here.

The stunning Gatsby wall light in polished chrome shown here would suit modern and contemporary rooms, right back to vintage chic. One of our Art Deco wall lights will be the perfect fit for your home.

With their sharp lines and symmetrical style these lamps were made to adorn your walls bringing function and design together to create just the right ambience.

So, if you are looking for Art Deco wall lights we feel sure that you will find just what you need right here including many fittings that are made in the UK.


If you are looking for design inspiration, look no further. Timeless, forever elegant and inspirational Art Deco style lighting should never be overlooked. Geometric shapes and symmetrical forms never look out of place and are always in proportion. The stylish design can be ornamental and always adds detail and interest wherever it is fitted. In short, Art Deco style has ruled supreme for a hundred years and has never been bettered.

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