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How To Clean Crystal Chandelier Lights

There are several methods of keeping a crystal chandelier sparkling without that dreaded task of taking each crystal off the fitting and washing each droplet by hand. Here I will attempt to explain the options available to you.

Little and often is the way to go. A light dusting with a feather duster every other week or so will stop the dust solidifying and clouding your crystal drops.

How often to clean?

How often do you have to clean your crystal chandelier to maintain the wonder of the colours that sparkle, is a question we get asked by people who love the look of crystal but are worried that keeping it clean will become a long laborious task? Good quality crystal made within the past ten years has a coating applied to repel dust and dirt and so needs less cleaning.

If you own a magnificent crystal light fitting you will know when it needs cleaning as it loses a little of its sparkle. The time has come to do something more than merely dust them over.

The drip dry method – Cost £12.00

This involves using your favourite glass cleaner. Or if you prefer there are special chandelier spray cleaners available on the market that make the task much easier. Our crystal cleaner can be found here.

  • Firstly, make sure the ceiling light is switched off for safety. To be extra safe, identify the circuit at your consumer unit and switch it off.
  • Take out the lamps and plug the lamp sockets with tissue paper or something that will stop any liquid getting into the connections.
  • Place plenty of newspaper or towelling beneath the fitting to catch the droplets of water. To ensure that no liquid gets on your floor covering it is best to place a large cardboard box beneath lined with newspaper or towels.
  • Generously spray the chandelier with the chandelier spray or glass cleaner.
  • Care should be taken not to inhale the mist produced from the spray, a dust mask may help or a well-ventilated room.
  • Allow the cleaner to simply fall from the light fitting taking with it the dust and dirt that has settled on the crystal.
  • Allow the light fitting to dry out and take out the tissue plugs that have been used to stop liquid getting into the lamp sockets. Allow to dry before attempting to place the lamps back or switch on.
  • Give the actual light bulbs a wipe over.

The glove method – Cost £12.00.

  • This method is a little more involved but less messy, you will need a pair of white cotton gloves and a solution of glass or chandelier cleaner in a small bowl. Please make sure that the electric is switched off.
  • With a carefully positioned step ladder beneath the light fitting take the solution and wearing the gloves, place finger tips into the solution and carefully run along each strand of crystal with your fingertips.
  • Gently manipulate the crystal with gloves.
  • Change the cleaner solution as required.
  • Always use gloves to handle the crystal drops. It is amazing that even the cleanest of fingers will leave a residue on the crystal which will impede the true reflection of the crystal beauty.

The complete removal of crystal method – Cost £0.10p.

Sometimes after years of neglect, the only method is to take each crystal drop from the fitting and wash it by hand. Often a daunting task and time consuming, but the satisfaction and end result will be fantastic for a tired looking chandelier.

Before removing any of the droplets, please make sure you have either notes as to where each crystal strand goes or a photograph to refer to when it comes to putting them back in position.

  • Remove each crystal strand from the ceiling light being careful not to scratch them.
  • One by one place into a washing up bowl of warm water, and a small amount of mild detergent. Use this water to wash between ten and twenty crystal strands then rinse in cold water.
  • Repeat this process until each crystal has been rinsed.
  • With cotton gloves or material that will not shed, dab dry and replace the crystals onto the light.

You will find the end result worth the effort I promise you. Plan to dust your crystal light fitting a few times a month and a thorough clean once a year and you will maintain the true beauty of the crystal.

If you have any questions in relation to looking after your crystal light, please contact us.