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Spot Lights

Spot lights are probably one of the most versatile ways of lighting your home. Lighting rooms with spotlights can be a sleek and stylish way to highlight a kitchen worktop or breakfast table. A mixture of ceiling and wall mounted spot lights can transform a living room, filling it with ambient light. Spot lighting is subtle and can create pools of light wherever it’s needed. With hundreds available, our selection includes traditional and modern styles using halogen, standard bulbs or LED.


Stylish Spotlights for the Ceiling and Wall

Unlike general lighting that is designed to illuminate the whole room, spotlights give a directional beam of light that is very useful when used in combination with other fittings. For example, a spot light bar with multiple heads can be adjusted to direct the light onto kitchen worktops, a feature chimney breast or almost anything else you want to highlight. They are perfect used singly to pick out wall features from a distance and can be a subtle way of achieving a lovely yet warm effect. You can be selective about which areas you want to light and focus brightness on important areas or create a maze of scattered illumination in a room.

Stunning shadows can be created when a wall mounted spot light is used to shine light vertically, either up or downwards to highlight a structural aspect of your home such as exposed beams, a bay or alcove that has limited lighting. You can use their directional nature to your advantage with a little planning and thought.