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Luxury Lighting & Designer Lights

If its luxury lighting & designer lights that you are after, there is something in this category to light up your life. What could be more luxurious than a designer crystal chandelier or state of the art designer pendant light. Using materials such as silk, brushed aluminium and frosted glass to turn even the most ordinary chandelier into a stunning statement piece that will be the centre of attention in any room. Add a luxury wall light to complete the opulent look.


Designer Lights For The Luxury Look

Lighting doesn’t have to be purely functional, indeed with the right designer lights strategically placed for maximum effect it is possible to create a whole new feel to a room and get the luxurious look. A designer light used in an entrance hallway can make a great impact and using them in a living or dining room can turn the mundane into a luxurious haven.

Of course designer and luxury usually means expensive, however lighting that costs a little more can often be money well spent, as you can give your rooms timeless elegance and durability. Not forgetting the warm satisfaction that you get by creating an opulent space.

At Universal Lighting we have lights available from top brands and designers in the industry. Available in every conceivable design and style that you could possibly think of, from traditional to modern, contemporary to good old fashioned.

Would you like some help choosing your luxury designer light fitting? Please don’t hesitate to call 0151 650 2138 and speak to one of our lighting specialists. Alternatively, send us a message using the contact us form and we’ll be happy to advise you on the right fittings for your home.