LED Lights

Comparing LED Lighting to Traditional Lighting

LED Lighting, the latest alternative to traditional home lighting. Until very recently, the only option available to us all was the good old incandescent ‘GLS’ (General Light Service) bulb that was always rated in Watts. The GLS lamp worked by passing an electrical current through a thin piece of wire that made it glow red hot whilst it burned away. Almost all of the energy consumed by the lamp was given off in heat, with only a small percentage given off as light. So, a 60w lamp consumed 60w of energy and gave almost 60w of heat, a 100w lamp gave almost 100w of heat and so-on. Light output is actually measured in Lumens, not Watts. As a baseline, a 40w incandescent light bulb emits around 450 Lumens, a 60w around 800 Lumens and a 100w lamp around 1600 Lumens.