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Banker Lamps

Decorating a room can be a very rewarding experience. There is furniture, wall coverings, curtains, colour schemes and accessories to select that will ensure that the room matches your personality and expectations.

A banker’s lamp will enhance almost any décor with an added functionality that only they can give. They can be both accent and task lighting and can match or contrasts with your chosen colour scheme if you choose the shade finish carefully. They are not just to provide light but can be looked upon as a furnishing in their own right.

The electric bankers desk lamp was first introduced during the 1870’s and were, as their name suggests made for bank clerks and bookkeepers who often worked long hours on the accounts. Good overall lighting was not available so the banker lamp was introduced. Its design meant that good quality bright light could be directed on the work at hand, enabling the user to see clearly what was written and minimise mistakes. The design has barely changed over the last 140 years or so.

Originals would have a short sturdy solid brass base, with a green or blue glass shade that contains an enclosed bulb holder. The underside of the glass would be coated white to minimise any loss through the glass and direct the light on the desk below.

Today, they are still faithful to the original design although the green glass shade has become more popular than the blue. The majority available today will be made of or finished in brass, although there are now more contemporary chrome plated finishes available.

The look and style of a banker lamp creates the perfect partner for the study, desk or reading room. From above the desk the emerald green glass creates a soothing soft glow that looks so appealing, whilst bathing the desk below in good quality light to read or work by.

If you want a piece of furniture and a superb desk lamp that is functional and decorative, then look no further that the humble bankers lamp. It truly brings a piece of history into your home whilst adding value and function.

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