Floor Lamps

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Floor Standard Lamps

We understand the importance of task and accent lighting. Floor lamps play an important part in any home decor scheme as they can be used to light up a gloomy corner in any room or hallway. Placed near a table, a lovely floor standard can give you the light to read comfortably without shadows.

Nothing beats them for bringing extra controllable illumination into a room. They are convenient and can be placed wherever you want, either next to a chair as a reading lamp, or placed in a dark corner as accent lighting. An existing traditional standard lamp can be given a quick makeover by simply replacing the lampshade, transforming the way it looks and matching other accent colours.

There are many different types available in many styles, finishes and colours, so you are sure to find something to suite your particular style. Before you decide on the style and finish, it is important to consider what the floor lamp is being used for. Do you need one for reading, sewing or as one of the main light sources in your room? If so, then a more powerful mother and child or reading lamp may be the answer. Mother and child lamps have two functions; one lamp illuminates upwards and spreads across the ceiling filling the room with light reflected from the ceiling, whilst the smaller flexible lamp can be adjusted to position as a reading lamp. You can use one, or both at the same time as they have individual switches.

They are available in various heights ranging from 1200 - 1800mm, so remember to choose one that is suitable for the height of your ceiling. You will also need to consider the overall height of the floor lamp, and how the light source is diffused in relation to where you will sit. Remember, it’s not good for you to look at bare bulbs so any shade should reach down far enough to stop this happening. If you have a large room, then a large floor lamp can be placed centrally and become a feature in itself. If you have limited space they can be placed in the corner of a room where the space is normally unused. Remember, everything within a room should be in proportion, so a very large floor lamp in a small room may not be appropriate.

The most traditional type and perhaps the most recognisable is the floor standard or console. This normally has a sturdy central pole set on a heavy base with a fabric shade surrounding the light bulb. Even though this is a traditional style, there are many modern themes using crystal or chrome stems. The advantage of this style of floor lamp is that the look can be easily changed simply be replacing the shade.

Torchere style floor lamps have been around for thousands of years. Originally they would have been an upward facing stone dish filled with lamp oil and lit. Today they have a single central stem with an upward facing glass or metal dish with a light bulb set inside it. Uplighters like this are excellent for providing ambient lighting as the light is focused onto the ceiling and bounced back into the room.

Modern floor lighting includes the arc floor lamp that is a piece of art in itself. It is comprised of a large downward facing head on a graceful curved pole set into a heavy base. The arc lamp requires more space than a standard lamp or torchere but has a modern graceful beauty of it’s own.

If you require any further help or advice on selecting your floor lamp, please contact us for friendly, honest and down to earth advice.

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