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Art Deco eventually spread into the rest of Europe and to the USA. It was very short lived, only really taking hold in here around 1918. Early Art Deco designs relied upon geometric angular shapes, with chrome and glass featuring heavily in lighting design. Bold black and white contrasts were used to create a dramatic effect. Many Art Deco fittings used glass adorned with nature motifs such as shells, flowers and sunrises. Charles Rennie Mackintosh was a designer, architect and artist who was a major influence on Art Deco design and architecture.

In 1922, Howard Carter discovered the tomb of Tutankhamun and the contents were widely publicised and put on display. The splendour and grandeur of the find gripped the imagination of the public and designers alike. They complemented the bold shapes and forms of Art Deco and before long, pyramids; sphinxes and Egyptian inspired motifs were to be found in many Art Deco designs.

Early Hollywood had a major influence in bringing the glamour of Art Deco to the people. The world of the new silver screen brought images of ladies wearing shiny elegant fabrics, subdued styles and elaborate mirrors. Josephine Baker was the quintessential flapper and the inspiration for the popular Art Deco flapper table lamp which is still popular to this day.

By 1930, mass production techniques enabled Art Deco designs to be produced cheaply. Whereas the preceding Art Nouveau period had been the privy of the rich, the new Art Deco style was now available to everyone. New fangled plastics and in particular Bakelite now took the place of more exotic materials making them cheap to produce.

The great depression of the 1930's and the start of World War 2 saw the end of what was possibly the most stylish period in history. Art Deco lasted for only 20 years or so, or did it?

Art Deco inspired lighting remains popular to this day due to their timeless elegance and beauty. Choose from our comprehensive selection to complement your home.

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