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Tiffany Table Lamps

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Pyramid Tiffany Table Lamp Lelani Traditional Floral
Our Price £245.16
Dark Star Small Tiffany Table Lamp Art Deco Design
Our Price £66.96
Lelani Mini Tiffany Table Lamp Floral Traditional
Our Price £69.12
Papillon Large Tiffany Table Lamp Butterfly Design
Our Price £360.72
Flowering Lotus Tiffany Table Lamp
Our Price £414.72
Manhattan Tiffany Table Lamp Art Deco Inspired Design
Our Price £258.12
Medium Tiffany Table Lamp Traditional Country Border
Our Price £260.28
Papillon Medium Tiffany Table Lamp Butterfly Design
Our Price £200.88
Prairie Tiffany Table Lamp Mackintosh Rose Inspired
Our Price £222.48
Flame Dragonfly 400mm Tiffany Table Lamp
Our Price £273.24
Large Dark Star Tiffany Table Lamp Art Deco Design
Our Price £186.84
Camillo Small Square 230mm Tiffany Table Lamp
Our Price £102.30
Flame Dragonfly Tiffany Table Lamp Medium
Our Price £217.08
Peonies 400mm Tiffany Table Lamp
Our Price £192.98
Art Nouveau 440mm Tiffany Rose Table Lamp
Our Price £206.30
Rochette Mini Tiffany Table Lamp
Our Price £85.32
Kichiri 320mm Tiffany Table Lamp Floral Design
Our Price £182.50
Camillo Square 355mm Tiffany Table Lamp
Our Price £158.10
Flame Dragonfly Tiffany Table Lamp Small
Our Price £110.16
Jessamine 200mm Tiffany Table Lamp
Our Price £93.00
Peonies 300mm Tiffany Table Lamp
Our Price £139.50
Art Nouveau Tiffany Rose Small Table Lamp
Our Price £116.65
Mini Lorette Tiffany Table Lamp
Our Price £63.72
Diana 320mm Tiffany Table Lamp Traditional Design
Our Price £201.95
Charleston Art Deco Style Tiffany Table Lamp
Our Price £302.95
Josette Small 200mm Tiffany Table Lamp Traditional
Our Price £131.75
Peonies 200mm Tiffany Table Lamp
Our Price £93.00
Bardane Art Nouveau Design Tiffany Table Lamp
Our Price £139.50

Tiffany Table Lights

What type of effect will a Tiffany table lamp create? This is probably one of the most common questions asked when people visit our showroom.

The answer that we always say is that they will create one the most amazing effects from any table lamp ever. No other type of table lamp can create the effect that a leaded light shade can.

Every one of our Tiffany table lamps are handmade from coloured glass sections, pieced together in different designs to form the lampshade. The glass can be either a translucent colour, where you are able to see through the glass or an opaque coloured glass to give a sensual glow. The translucent glass pieces are usually rippled, so that when the lamp is switched on, the ripples catch the light at different angles, which makes the glass sparkle like a jewel.

When you switch a Tiffany table lamp on, the coloured glass pieces glow at different levels, depending on the colour and opacity of the glass. This light is reflected through the room to create a magical almost hypnotising illusion.

Coloured glass has been used for centuries, for its quality and finesse. There is no doubt that the popularity of Tiffany lamps has remained high throughout the decades, due to the different colours, designs and effects that are created when they are lit.

Many people may be worried that the coloured glass will diffuse the light too much and not enough will pass through. Whilst the coloured glass may diffuse a small amount, it certainly does not stop the light from passing through. Any Tiffany lamp will create a wonderful ambient glow that is not harsh on the eyes. Some modern halogen lamps can be harsh on the eyes and too dazzling, whereas a Tiffany table lamp will never dazzle.

Looking After Tiffany Table Lamps

They need minimal care to keep them looking at their best. A weekly dust over will keep the glass free of particles, which may impede the effect if allowed to build up. A wipe over with a damp cloth twice a year is all that is required and will keep it looking radiant and performing at its best.

A simple tip that will enhance the colours is to always use clear bulbs as opposed to pearl or opal lamps. A clear bulb will create that sparkle effect through the coloured translucent glass of the table lamp. The clear bulb should also be dusted once in a while to get the best out of them.

Never use an abrasive cleaner or any cleaner containing any solvent or chemical on a Tiffany glass shade.

If you require any further information about any of our range, or have any questions, please contact us for friendly, honest and down to earth advice. Alternatively you can share your question with others by posting it in our customer interactive area.

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