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Ceramic Table Lamps

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Large Oriental Square Vase Table Lamp with Black Lampshade
Our Price £145.80
Ceramic Drip Glaze Vase Table Lamp
Our Price £247.00
Classic Blue And White Oriental Table Lamp
Our Price £162.00
Pair Ceramic Gold Table Lamps With Cream Shades
Our Price £224.86
Large Golden Tortoise Shell Table Lamp
Our Price £152.80
Stunning Metalic Egg Table Lamp
Our Price £89.80
Antique Brass Cream Crackle Ceramic Table Lamp
Our Price £69.12
Classic Oriental Blue And White Table Lamp with Shade
Our Price £152.30
Oriental Ming Vase Design Ceramic Table Lamp
Our Price £186.00
Dar Gustav Large Silver Finish Ceramic Table Lamp
Our Price £105.00
Chinese Blue And White Jar Table Lamp With Shade
Our Price £178.20
Dar Gustav Small Silver Finish Ceramic Table Lamp
Our Price £65.00
Uma Square Ceramic Pale Gold Floral Table Lamp Base
Our Price £95.00
Noa Silver Ceramic Table Lamp With Cream Shade
Our Price £99.51
Dar Bokara Tall Bronze Table Lamp With Lined Shade
Our Price £110.00
Very Large Amber Molten Ceramic Table Lamp with Shade
Our Price £230.40
Oriental Red And Gold Paisley Ceramic Table Lamp Cream Shade
Our Price £209.50
Dark Blue and Gold Ceramic Table Lamp with Lampshade
Our Price £116.60
Deep Blue and Gold Ceramic Table Lamp with Pleated Lampshade
Our Price £117.70
Tall Ceramic Ginger Jar Table Lamp with Cream Pleat Lampshade
Our Price £269.80
Handpainted Ceramic Bouquet Table Lamp
Our Price £146.00
Ceramic Table Lamp in Orchid Lustre
Our Price £125.95
Designer Collection Ceramic Colour ToneTable Lamp
Our Price £135.36
Cream Ceramic Crackle Glaze Table Lamp With Shade
Our Price £48.00
Ceramic Red Oxide Oriental Table Lamp with Pleated Lampshade
Our Price £199.00
Ceramic Table Lamp in Distressed Hazel Glaze
Our Price £162.55
Ceramic Poppy Table Lamp with Cream Shade
Our Price £170.00
Ceramic Table Lamp with Lily Bouquet
Our Price £185.74

Ceramic & Oriental Table Lamps

Pottery and ceramic ware has been around for thousands of years. Examples of Egyptian pottery have been dated at 5000 years BC. Initially most pottery was used for storing liquids. One of the main disadvantages of pottery is that it is porous and liquid will eventually seep through.

Around 500 -900 years BC, the Greeks discovered that by glazing pottery tiles they could be both decorative and waterproof. This was the beginning of glazed ceramics, as we know them today.

Around 100 years BC, the Egyptians started to make glazed ceramic pots for storing spices and liquids. They used copper to create the glaze, resulting in a predominantly green coloured ceramic finish. The method of applying glaze to pottery has changed very little since.

The Egyptians and Romans were the first to use glazed pottery for lighting. They were decorative glazed pots with a shallow dish in the top filled with oil. This would be lit and the light from the flame would illuminate a small area.

In the 13th century, the Chinese took ceramics to a new level with the introduction of the famous Chinese blue and white designs that remain popular to this very day.

Once Thomas Edison invented the electric lamp in 1879, it was only a matter of time before ceramic vases were converted to table lamps by the addition of cable and a lamp holder in the top.

A ceramic table lamp is a particularly attractive addition to any room. They are available in a multitude of sizes and styles to complement your decor. The addition of a contrasting or matching shade can bring vibrant warm colours into the darkest room.

Oriental table lamps offer the same advantages, coupled with unusual shapes that add an abstract feel to any room. Please be aware that some ceramic table lamps are very large and care needs to be taken in their selection and placement within the home.

If you require any further help or advice on ceramic or oriental table lamps or any other aspect of home lighting, please contact us for friendly, honest and down to earth advice. Alternatively you can share your question with others by posting it in our customer interactive area.

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