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LED Light Bulbs

LED Bulbs

There is no doubt that LED lamps are the future. They use up to 95% less energy than their traditional equivalent, run very cool and last up to 50,000 hours in normal use.

The LED lamp has many limitations. It is very directional and best suited to spotlights, floodlights and down lights, although there are now excellent quality LED candle lamps available that give the equivalent to a 25w lamp. We have the LED candle lamps on display in our showroom fitted to an eight arm chandelier.

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Energy Saving LED Bulbs

Energy Saving LED Light Bulbs

Our high power GU10 LED light bulbs consume a fraction of the power of conventional halogen GU10 lamps making them perfect for where they are used in large numbers or for where lights are left on for long periods. They can be easily recognised by the fact that they typically have three high power single LED's.

With a lifetime of up to 50000 hours, these LED light bulbs will save you money in energy costs, replacement lamp costs and man hours spent replacing failed bulbs.

Available in white, cool white and warm white, there is an energy saving replacement LED GU10 for every application. Cool white high power LED spotlamps are best suited to kitchen, bathroom and outdoor lighting where the whiter light is better suited to lighting kitchen worktops or illuminating a tree. Warm white high power LED spotlamps are best suited to living areas where a warmer ambient light is required.

LED GU10 cluster lamps can be recognised by the twenty or so small LED's in a cluster. They do not give the same amount of high power light as the high spot LED lamps. These give a wider spread of light making them more suitable for outdoor applications such as lighting up the base of shrubs or along pathways. They are considerably cheaper that the high power LED lamps but still have the same lifespan and energy saving benefits.

If you require any further information or advice on LED GU10 replacement or any other LED light bulbs, please telephone 0151 650 2138 or use the contact us form for friendly down to earth advice.

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