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Fluorescent Lights - Bulkhead Lighting

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Fluorescent Lighting & Bulkhead Lights

Surface mounted fluorescent lights are perfect for many applications where there is a solid ceiling that cannot be fitted with recessed lighting. They are perfect for areas with high ceilings as they can be suspended nearer to the work area on a chain, thereby giving the required lighting levels.

With low initial purchase costs, high frequency control gear and 3-hour emergency options these luminaires are a cost effective energy saving way to illuminate your commercial, industrial, retail premises or office space.

Our surface mounted range is divided into three main categories, fluorescent, amenity and outdoor amenity lighting. Most of the amenity ranges can be used as a bulkhead mounted to the ceiling or wall.

Surface mounted fluorescent fittings or pod packs are best suited as the main light source for retail, commercial, industrial or office environments. They are available in a variety of styles, with either Cat2 louvers, prismatic or opal diffusers. Emergency versions are available.

Our amenity range is either IP44 or IP65 rated making them suitable for almost any environment. Ideally suited to lighting stairwells, hotel corridors, storerooms and high humidity areas. The IP65 range is totally weatherproof and is perfect for any outdoor area. Both are available in decorative and utility styles with a 3-hour emergency option.

To enquire further about our extensive range of commercial surface mounted fluorescent and bulkhead lighting, or for advice regarding lumen levels and application, please contact

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